Adult Sail Training



Please contact us directly at or call us at 0429 956 335 to organize this training. The training will be conducted over a weekend, or two weekends, and require a minimum of 4 people to commence. This usually takes a bit of coordination and compromise, unless you have a group of 4 ready to start the course. The course consists of 5 modules, each 3 hours long. Based on the group’s availability, this can be completed in one weekend or over the course of two to three weekends.
The Course will cover:


And much more
Cost: $90- per module total: $450- gift certificates available.




Once you have completed the ‘introduction to keelboat handling’ course, you can further develop your skills by enrolling in the next level of training. Competent crew course combines all aspects of keelboat handling, and builds on your knowledge. This course is an overnight sail to Marina St. Vincent in the Wirrina cove.


The course will cover:



Cost: after completing ‘introduction to keelboat handling’ $400- per person.